Datacenter Reports

Search Marketing Fact Pack 2008

Ad Age's Guide on How Marketers Use Internet Search to Connect With Consumers

Top 100 Global Marketers: From No. 1 P&G Co. to No. 100 eBay

See the Top Spenders and Multinational Agencies and Their Global Client Assignments

Media Companies Report

Ad Age's Annual Ranking of the 100 Leading Media Companies, by net U.S. Media Revenue.

Magazine 300, 2008 Edition

Ad Age's Annual Ranking of the Top 300 Magazines in the U.S. by Total Gross Revenue

AdMarket 50 Stocks

Current prices for 50 publicly traded marketer, media and agency companies.

Digital Family Trees 2009

Interactive Ventures of Top Media, Web Portal and Agency Companies

Marketer Trees 2008

Explore the Database of the 100 Leading National Advertisers

Special Report

Leading National Advertisers

See Comprehensive Rankings of the 100 LNA, Including Spending By Category and Top Spenders By Medium

Hispanic Marketing

2008 Ad Age Hispanic Fact Pack

Download the 60-Page Marketing Data Publication